Terms and Conditions

Here, in order to prevent things that are undesirable for other users and services, we will try to create good quality and high quality content. We explicitly prohibit what we forbid. You have the right to change terms of service, delete / disable accounts, delete revenue for any reason, delete short URLs for any reason, postpone payment in case of violation, send messages or other e-mails. We are already registered and we are not responsible for wrong account number and payment information. There is a system to check whether there are users who violate the rules.

After you register, you agree to the terms of service.

The following terms of service:

  1. It is not allowed to place URL / links or traffic sources related to SafelinkU.com such as:
    Pornography, adult, or vulgar content
    Violent content
    Hacking / cracking content
    Malware (Malware)
    Gambling content
    Fraud / phishing content
    mail address
    Other url Shortener service sites related to Alinas.cc / safelink and url (with no ads)
  2. It is not allowed to use VPN / proxy / SSH to get traffic / view.
  3. It is not allowed to use traffic exchanges or PTCs to obtain traffic / views.
  4. Related url / link Using Iframe script on SafelinkU.com is not allowed.
  5. Url / related links on other url Shortener service / safelink It is not allowed to abbreviate SafelinkU.com (unless there is advertisement).
  6. You can not create multiple accounts associated with referrals in order to earn more income.
  7. Inappropriate words will be invalid (rude)
  8. We reserve the right to invalidate the account if it is suspected that the account caused an act that caused misconduct or loss.
  9. We reserve the right to block unauthorized IP addresses.
  10. If traffic quality is not good, lower the CPM rate.

It is not written whether any activity can harm our party or other members, but it is considered a violation.


In order to prevent undesirable things from happening, take actions against the user by taking a fine, reducing the balance, and disabling the account. The following are penalties for users who violated.

  • Permanently disabled or rejected traffic sources, including URLs or links related to SafelinkU.com or traffic sources including pornography, adult, or vulgar, violent, hack / hack, malware (gambling), gambling, and unauthorized punishment Account that you did. Payment
  • There are previous traffic sources from other URL shortening services that have ads for 50% balance reduction penalty or balance reduction according to browsing / revenue from past traffic sources from other URL shortening services with advertisements.
  • Use VPN / Proxy / SSH to permanently get display / traffic, penalty invalid account, or refuse to pay
  • Traffic / display using traffic exchanges or PTC, permanently acquire invalid penalty account or refuse payment.
  • If you use Iframe script on URL / link related to SafelinkU.com, the Penalty Disabled account will be used permanently or payment will be denied.
  • Other URL shortening service / safelink (except when there is no advertisement), display / shortened URL income / related link According to Alinas.cc (other URL shortening service), Alinas.cc of URL / related link can be abbreviated. If there are no ads or if withdrawal is pending (pending), it will be processed if traffic is deleted from another URL after requesting the next withdrawal.
  • Please refuse multiple accounts, permanently disabled accounts, or payment associated with referrals to get more income.